3 Reasons Why Doctors Should Offer Supplements To Their Patients

doctors should offer supplements

Did you know that over 170 million Americans use dietary supplements regularly? With this rise in popularity and many products to choose from, more people are looking for ways to weed out the scams and find supplements they can trust. 

One way people are finding supplements that work for them is by purchasing the products from their doctors directly who offer supplements in-house. As a healthcare provider, how do you know if promoting supplements aligns with your practice?

Here are three reasons why doctors should offer supplements in their practices.

1. Help Ease Patients’ Minds

When taking any new supplement or medication, patients can feel weary about whether or not they might experience strange or uncomfortable side effects. Not only that, but with so many brands out there to choose from, they often worry whether the supplement is safe for them to take in the first place.

Having a doctor thoroughly vet a brand and be willing to promote it in his or her practice says a lot about the product’s credibility. This helps give patients peace of mind knowing that their trusted doctor has made a recommendation, rather than them having to do all of the research themselves with limited knowledge in the field of medicine.

2. Reduce The Risk

In a similar vein, doctors who sell supplements are able to make individualized supplement recommendations to their patients while taking factors like medical history and current prescription use into account. Doctors will be able to distinguish the best product for each patient based on expert medical knowledge that only a trained professional would be able to identify, such as ingredients and supplement facts. 

All of this will help reduce the risk of any incompatible medications, allergic reactions, and other health concerns. 

3. Make Additional Income

Doctors who are looking for additional income may want to consider making supplements available for purchase. It goes without saying that these doctors should only promote supplements they truly stand by and trust. 

Doctors: Are You Looking For Highly-Vetted Supplements To Sell To Your Patients In-House?

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