About Us

About Us

Green Leaf Sciences™ (GLS) is the most recent member of The GHT Companies, which is gaining recognition as one of the most unique group of companies in the nutritional health industry, because of it’s focus on directly linking scientific discoveries to consumer/patient needs. GLS joins Global Health Trax® (Global), Vibrant Nutraceuticals™ (Vibrant) and Health Specialties Manufacturing™ (HSM) in effectively serving the nutritional requirements of the global markets.

Global Health Trax was one of the original innovators in probiotics, before it was popular in yogurt and the commercials of big name brands. For over 14 years, we have made it our mission to collaborate with innovative practitioners, nutritional experts, and scientists, developing concepts and ideas into life changing products, services, and applications.

This cultivated group called, “The Founding Scientists”, is what makes GHT a unique, robust, and well respected organization in the industries of nutrition and health. Our facilities include specialized production and research areas for powder and liquid blend products, production and science teams comprised of expertise for both powder and liquid product requirements, global Founding Scientists’ relationships that allow for our team to be on the cutting edge of scientific/discovery break-through events, wholesale and direct-to-consumer global distribution channels for promotion and dissemination of unique and outstanding products, industry-leading expertise in master formulation of Private Label product lines, and ongoing experienced support for our partners, customers and global consumers.

GLS is GMP and GMP for Sport™ certified

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