Should I Be Using Supplements In My Practice?

Supplements are well-known for their ability to enhance bodily health. In fact, over 170 million Americans use dietary supplements regularly. As a healthcare provider, how do you know if promoting supplements aligns with your practice? Here are the questions you need to answer to decide if incorporating supplements into your practice is the right choice for you.

What Are My Patient Needs? 

Every practice and specialty serves a different group of people with different needs. The first step in deciding if and how to incorporate supplements is to identify why your patients come to you – what are their unique needs, and can supplements help solve them? For example, a nutritionist has patients who come to them looking for dietary health support, so supplements are an obvious fit. But even outside of nutrition, any practice where enhancing your patient’s nutrient levels will support their needs may be a good fit for supplements. 

Where Are The Gaps In My Treatment?

No matter what your specialty, most (if not all) practices and treatments have some gaps. A whole-health approach to patient care is only possible through your office if you have support from partners. Take a moment to identify where your treatment may have some gaps – if you find that dietary support or vitamin intake is an area you need help in, incorporating supplements into your practice may be the answer.

How Can Supplements Enhance My Care?

Supplements bring many benefits to your patients and can significantly enhance the level of care you are able to provide. When deciding if you should incorporate them into your practice, the key is to identify how exactly they interact with your treatment regimens to improve care. Is it simply the ease of getting supplements in your office without an extra trip to the store? Is it providing additional support to the physical exercise regimen you’ve prescribed them? Determining how exactly supplements enhance your specific practice can help you determine if they would be the right fit for you.

At Green Leaf Sciences, we are committed to directly linking scientific discoveries to consumer and patient needs. Through our partnerships with practitioners across the United States, we are able to bridge the gap between high-quality supplements and medical care to create a better patient experience. Learn more about us here.