Reviews and comments about The GHT Companies’ products.*

. . . highly recommend it for everyone who has any internal/digestion related issues because the benefits just cannot be overstated.
— Antoinette N.

I feel so much better. The best and weird thing is that the chronic pain is gone and I had been spending a fortune on pain medication.
— Debbie L.

I am training for a half marathon. There has been a tremendous difference with what’s going on with my body. It’s been fabulous using these products!
— Debra

How do I keep energized? Simply bring two 20oz bottles of water to work, and spike it with my ‘jet fuel’
— Johan C.

I cannot believe how my body responded. In just a matter of weeks I really noticed the difference. I was my old self again.
— Patricia

About three years ago I went back to my lung specialist and he said ‘I don’t know what you are doing, but whatever it is, keep it up, because it is working!’
— Rosa S.

Magical stuff: within 15 minutes the pain subsided. I was absolutely amazed!
— Debra

I’ve seen tremendous improvement in my body. No more itching, no more IBS, no more bloating, no more cravings. I highly recommend this product!
— Sandi E.

There has been a tremendous difference with what’s going on with my body and not experiencing the prickling and tingling in my legs. It’s been fabulous using these products.
— Debra

I started getting my lungs back, being able to breathe, being able to come out of the room. I will be a lifelong user of GHT’s products!
— Tommy P.