Who Is Green Leaf Sciences?

Homeopathic supplement. Alternative Medicine. Vitamin capsules.

Green Leaf Sciences™ (GLS) was established on the mission of providing the best, science-backed supplemental support to medical professionals.

We are committed to directly linking scientific discoveries to consumer and patient needs. Through our partnerships with practitioners across the United States, we are able to connect high-quality supplements and medical care providers to create a better patient experience.

Who We Are

GLS is a member of The GHT Companies, which is gaining recognition as one of the most unique groups of companies in the nutritional health industry. 

We join Global Health Trax® (Global), Vibrant Nutraceuticals™ (Vibrant), Vegan Life Nutrition, and Health Specialties Manufacturing™ (HSM) in effectively serving the nutritional requirements of the global markets through all-natural, drug-free products and holistic manufacturing services.

Our Mission

Our team is passionate about bridging the gap between supplemental innovations and the highest quality of patient care. As we’ve grown, we’ve only become more passionate about that mission

Our Work

GLS works with local practitioners, like yours, to provide you the very best in health and nutrition supplements, programs, systems, and educational information. Available exclusively through your GLS practitioner, our products are designed to work together to provide you a “health style,” a better way to achieve optimal health.

Our Products

Our complementary line of supplements work together to support a wide variety of nutritional issues, imbalances, and deficiencies. Our products are created to provide individuals with immune support, improved joint and muscle health, better digestion, and more.
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